Lord of the Rings to continue to help the legendary Raul Valencia, Schalke 04 level

soccer news 2014once again set foot on the Spanish court, «Lord of the Rings» in the case of Raul own team entirely a disadvantage, withstood the pressure for Schalke 04 scored a precious away goal, a draw than a force Ping Valencia, Schalke 04 to qualify for the Champions League 8 to lay a solid foundation. At the Champions League this goal, but also makes 劳尔欧 war goals to improve to 70 goals, surpassing the legendary German striker Gerd Müller, and Inzaghi tied for top scorer of the first World War. And he also came out top in 69 balls in the Champions League. After a lapse of seven months later, re-entered the Spanish court, let Raul quite excited. Before the game, he said: «The return to Spain, I harbored a special look.» In the 16 years between Real Madrid, Raul was in 24 league matches in goal 12 times to break Valencia. In the 2000 Champions League final, he scored a goal to help Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0 win, allowing him to ride after 入梅斯塔纳 stadium, but also a little more confidence. After the opening, Raul got applause from the fans in Spain, after the start, he has been tough to take care of their old rivals. The entire first half, except for Huntelaar sent a note to strike, he has a shot at all. Darling of Valencia lead the first 17 ​​minutes, Aduriz forward pass, Mathieu left out after Uchida Benedict biography, Soldado volley before the break point. The second half, Raul gradually recovered the shot feeling, the first 49 minutes, Neuer Taijiaozhangzhuan, Tui edge of the area after Raul ball, but was saved by goalkeeper Guaita Tower. The first 56 minutes, Farfan cross from the right, within the restricted area Raul header, slightly higher. The first 63 minutes, Raul finally seize the opportunity Jurado pass in the left edge of the area, Raul Road, follow-up, grab the bottom right corner of the goal before the break Tui Navarro body. This is the first three Champions League goals this season, Raul, and more importantly the ball to make him catch up with the war in Europe overall standings Inzaghi scored, total goals in the Champions League standings beyond Inzaghi. A top two away goals in the Champions League knockout daughter Raul ball hard to change! In addition to the critical moment Threatened Savior's style, but Raul positive attitude in defense stunning. Raul turned the whole game over again bolted 10 km, 33-year-old Raul «take the lead.» More commendable is that Raul four steals all the success, which Schalke 04 overall defense played no small help. After the game, talked about his record-breaking goal, Raul said:. «For the team, which is an important goal, of course, is also true for me that we have made a good result, however, this is a difficult 90 minutes, we also made ​​some mistakes. Valencia is a very dangerous opponent. „after the draw away 1 1 Valencia, Schalke 04 mastered 8 in advance of the initiative, then down, at home and Valencia battle, Raul will continue to create scoring record. Although Ronnie retired, but fortunately there are “Lord of the Rings.» Last summer, Raul tearfully left the Bernabeu to join the Ruhr team Schalke 04, is to constantly refresh their WWI scoring record, he is constantly writing a person belongs only to him a «legend.» Our reporter Liu Dawei J190 European Media Review «Oh yeah! Raul let Schalke's Champions League dream can survive. Raul is still Europe's giants.» German «Bild», «have been called in Spain, Raul has been living legend, he is one of the most popular players on the Iberian Peninsula. „Schalke's official website,“ Raul Valencia left the trouble he appeared at the right time in the right place, in the most simple way to Valencia devastating fatal blow. Schalke team's performance so far does not expect good, but Raul seems to be the only blue field fighter, bless Raul! „Spain“ Aspen „“ Raul obviously very familiar with the Spanish player's defensive habits, Schalke are playing better under his lead. Raul scored refresh WWI own scoring record, as well as Schalke keep hope. „“ play who „“ Raul is a phenomenon, he was able to take you back on the road for a minute, we need such a player. „Sammer J190 Milan encounter sky“ thorn „Gattuso freak Serie A giants AC Milan this morning Champions League encounter “thorn», lost 1-0 at home visiting Tottenham Hotspur, qualify for the outlook is not optimistic .Besides, when talking about Premier League man utd jersey 2014/15 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: englandnationalteamjerseys.co.uk ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news… Referee 拉瓦努 is a major protagonist in this field, the lore hero Crouch is a big hero, but the media believes that the game's «male lead» should be wearing the captain's armband Gattuso AC Milan. The former Italian international conflict suddenly boomed after the game, lost his cool happen with Tottenham captains and head-butting each other assistant coach Jordan. Gattuso series of acts, it may be subject to additional punishment UEFA, but there is no chase regardless penalty, away to Tottenham a war he was unable to turn. Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp after the game comments, «Finally, they are a bit of the brain out of control, where there is only one winner, and that is Michael Jordan! I have to give Jordan some money, you dare to offend people at all, and do not Jalan Jordan. „said Milan coach Allegri, AC Milan still have a chance to qualify. “Gattuso nerves very tense, especially after throwing a ball, there is no contradiction between him and Jordan coach personally, I think this is the reaction under pressure, in some important games, such a situation is likely to occur. „

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