La Liga Sevilla Lianban three goals but conceded Away 33 La whistle

soccer news ukNews January 30 morning, 201,011 first 21 La Liga season kicks off, in addition to 30 victory over Hull Gus Barcelona away outside the home and Deportivo Sevilla staged a thrilling scoring battle, Sevilla even pull in 02 cases behind three balls, but unfortunately conceded before the whistle, final and La labeled 33 level. Other matches, Mallorca home 04 defeat to Sporting Gijon, Malaga 12 home loss to Zaragoza, Levante 20 home win over Getafe, Real Sociedad home to 20 win over Almería. 33 Sevilla Deportivo Deportivo took the lead 14 minutes break, the left Prasad frontcourt suddenly long-range kicker, the ball tag through the door right corner, the score becomes 10. The first 58 minutes of Seville suffered another blow, the goalkeeper Palop handball outside the area, was a direct red card penalty, substitute goalkeeper Balas played replaced Capel. La seize the opportunity to expand the score after four minutes, Prasad restricted the right of Adrian crosses the ball after the point easily pushed into the empty net, 20. But one less person in Seville but thereafter launched counterattack, one minute after the melee Sevilla Deportivo's rescue mistakes using the ball to the left side of the penalty area, the ball Negredo left foot the ball into the near corner, twenty one. The first 74 minutes to tie the game in Seville, Fabiano free kick great shot, goalkeeper Alan Su Biya net smash sell, Escude Chan She fell to the ground close to break 22. The first 79 minutes of Seville magical go-ahead score, Djoko stretch pass, the left side of the penalty area after Negredo chest, stopping at a small angle guard attack left foot shot the ball into the far corner, 23. Seeing La to be overturned, the team in the 89th minute to tie the game, pick Huka restricted area before the ball reached the right side of the penalty area, Laure small-angle shot, the ball hit the goalkeeper body shells into the near corner, the final score locked at 33 .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news… Sporting Gijon Mallorca 04 opening just three minutes, Sporting Gijon away fighting on the lead, after the transfer roller to the right under the bottom, and Diego Castro headed home easily after point 01. The first 61 minutes Gijon expand the score, Diego Castro clever ball to the left side of the penalty area under the bottom of Canela, whose pass was blocked in front of Mallorca defender Kevin into his own door, 02. The first 67 minutes Gijon gain another victory, Zhisai midfielder Diego Castro, Andre Castro closed the left rear plug the far corner to break the keeper Tui, 03. The first 86 minutes, Andre Castro pass the ball on the left front, Nacho offside broke into the restricted area, he used the opportunity to single-handedly broke Tui, the final score locked at 04, achieved victory over Sporting Gijon. Malaga 12 Zaragoza first 16 minutes, the left Mudilijia Malaga ball into the box, Duda broke his right foot volley Dianshe, 10. Zaragoza equalized in the 39th minute, a free kick near the bottom line than the left into the box plus, in the case of Bell Toro after the point of unmarked header, 11. The first 86 minutes, Zaragoza staged lore complete reversal, Pongolle right before the games after the ball broke into the restricted area, go past a defender of his right foot, then left foot Tui far corner to break. Levante 20 Hertha Philae Aventis in the first 47 minutes to break the deadlock, Hu Unruh pass on the left before the games, the first closed-point multi-headed minor Yiceng jam, close-range shot after stopping point Bardo chest succeeded, 10. The first 54 minutes to expand the score Levante left Hu Unruh cross back behind the front court, jams and more broke into the restricted area on the left, under the guard of the attack, in the face of attack goalkeeper lob to break 20. The first 78 minutes, Getafe striker Manu direct red card for protesting the referee penalty, while Levante's Xisco Nadal bench is also a direct red card penalty. Real Sociedad 20 Almería Real Sociedad took the lead in the first 44 minutes, Tamudo left the restricted area after the ball reached the point, AMSOIL tigui leaping header, 10. The first 79 minutes of the Royal Society gain another victory to seal the victory, Alan Kirsten much right before the games kick into the box, AMSOIL tigui ferry headed after the point, Tamudo goalkeeper outflank shot succeeded, 20.

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