Barcelona Milito general application to leave Higuain waist identified for surgery

soccer news 2014Release Date: 20110106 Author: general application for leave Barcelona FC Barcelona WASHINGTON continuous gains across the board on all fronts, but not all of the players in the team are so smug. According to Spanish media reports, Barca defender Milito has applied for leave to the club. Furthermore, the Barcelona star Norrito also been core to leave, he wanted to join the Portuguese team Benfica. (Liu Xinliang) Higuain waist to determine the surgical WASHINGTON Real Madrid official website announced yesterday that striker Gonzalo Higuain will undergo surgery because of back problems, which meant he missed a further 2-4 months, while Real Madrid coach Mourinho also had to find a new striker for Real Madrid. II as Real Madrid striker Higuain's absence will undoubtedly cause trouble for the team up front. Fortunately, now in La Liga winter transfer window, Mourinho is likely on loan striker to add strength to the team. (Wang Shi-wei) was elected the world's best goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon WASHINGTON Last night, the International Association of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) announced the selection results for nearly 10 years the world's best goalkeeper, played for Juventus in Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was this award, deservedly locked «the world's first keeper» of the title. In this selection, the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, the Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech, Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar and Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn in second to five .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news… (Zhang Yuan) WASHINGTON Shao continued in good condition last night, where our players Shao Jiayi Cottbus second division team in a warm-up match 1-1 draw Erfurt team. Shao Jiayi maintain a good state, scored a key goal. Shao Jiayi is being carried out with the team before the renewal of his good state to be able to successfully renew will undoubtedly play a positive role. Local time on December 29, the Spanish National Court announced that they have no right to deal with the Spanish Footballers' Association to change the appeal and Segunda Liga fixtures this weekend raised, which means that the first 17 ​​La Liga will be business as usual in the January 2 and Jan. 3 (Sunday and Monday) two days. In accordance with the previously announced schedule, January 2 will be five league games and 10 games the second division league, January 3 will be the remaining five league matches and a field of the second division league. But the Spanish Footballers' Association protested this arrangement but then, that if January 2 to start the game, then the player at the latest on December 30 or December 31 to prepare for training must rejoin, which seriously reduces the player's Christmas holiday, they want to be able to be postponed to the next round of the competition weekend, so players will be able to multi-week break. In fact in recent years has been the league's Christmas break so arranged, after the players before Christmas after playing the game, will return to action after two weeks of competition. The vast majority of teams in La Liga have no objection to this, like Real Madrid and Barcelona in the December 29 began training and preparing, the two giants did not publicly complain. Real dissatisfaction that some small teams of players, the club owed ​​their wages, while the Christmas holiday has been affected, the Spanish players' association in order to protect the interests of these players, only the Spanish professional league to court. But the Spanish Football Federation and the Spanish professional league and do not want to change the schedule, because it will not only force the league to postpone the end, but the signing of broadcasters live program will also be forced to change, some of the advertising and sponsorship contracts will be affected, which in the middle of a direct loss of approximately ten million euros. Professional league and the players association in the negotiations, and said that if they agree to change the schedule, then the players association needs to pay 18,002,000 million euros deposit. Players Association not afford to pay the money, the Football Association and the professional league does not want to be taken advantage of, so despite loud protests Players Association, but like such giants Real Madrid and Barcelona did not speak out, already foreshadowed the Players Association State Supreme Court appeal fails. Spanish National Court said about the change in La Liga and second division players association proposed schedule requirements, they are not entitled to carry out the court as a social process, this should be referred to the Administrative Tribunal of Spain to deal with. But even if the Players Association filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration, the league schedule can not be changed, since December 31 and January 1 is the court's statutory rest days, so even if the staff of the arbitral tribunal Jan. 2 to work, there is no time to go deal with this case, but race day would start.

West super Hutch will ruin the league Derby got left there is suspense

soccer transfer newsAfter. «For now this situation, if we do not do any changes, not three or four years, we will personally kill La Liga, the Spanish football ruined» Yesterday 5-0 away defeat to Barcelona, Biliyalei Yar President Fernando Roig said. The day before, Real Madrid away 6-0 sweep Zaragoza. The new La Liga season, the first round of Harding Park, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid two despots margin of 11 goals, «West over» the Mouth of the main theme without any change, the growing polarization of La Liga. Derby got left there is suspense in addition to Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga team weak it? The answer is not necessarily yes. Villarreal, Valencia, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, etc., each team will be able to stir up trouble in some European competitions. But in recent years a case of Barcelona and Real Madrid, these teams have become an instant underdog. Ba Sabi last season ranked first followed by more than four points of Real Madrid, but Real Madrid ranked third in Valencia than more than 21 points. Not the Spanish team not to force, it is known as the Galacticos Real Madrid and Barcelona team known as the universe is too powerful. The main theme of the entire league is «West super» person show, in addition to two national derby there suspense, the other game is almost no impact on the championship. Already well versed in this other 18 teams, less than a critical moment of life and death, never with Hutch Sike, strive to keep the war in Europe was not qualified, that is, save effort to avoid relegation .Besides, when talking about Premier League man utd jersey 2014/15 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news… Only «West super» There are generous dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga is unprecedented strengthening the most direct reason is the overall strength of the super teams, the first «West super» clubs in the summer have retained the original team some of the basic framework, and secondly also are active on the strength of further expansion. Barcelona Fabregas and Sanchez introduced such class players, their strength can sit tight red and blue army in the main position, but it has had on the bench. Look at Real Madrid, Fabio Coentrao, Sahin, Kalie Hong have joined, it is obvious the team coach Jose Mourinho eyes only Barcelona. In contrast to other teams, the strength tend not declined. Valencia lost the core Mata and Titans winger Joaquin, and Fabiano Sevilla also said goodbye, the upcoming Champions League campaign Villarreal lost two consecutive Spanish international Picasso pull and Capdevila, while Rossi and Nilmar also leave soon. Roig said: «This is what you want in the league, in order to break even, I have to sell players.» Stalled economic imbalances behind the first round of La Liga this season, shut down, although the crisis being resolved, but behind the «pocketbook „The crisis is still there. The financial crisis is not completely over, the debt-ridden Spanish club in order to avoid penalties that may be encountered, bankruptcy is not an option, as the Premier League is hoping to be acquired as foreign. Both measures or the life of the club can continue, but the player's salary and guarantees still can not be resolved. 20 La Liga teams, the players really do not have to worry about payroll, only Barcelona and Real Madrid. In fact, income from the sale of broadcast rights of La Liga and the Premier League a spell, but two very different leagues bonus system. La Liga last season, broadcast revenue of approximately 620 million euros, Barcelona and Real Madrid to draw dividends to 34 percent, followed by layers of classification, a minimum of Getafe only get € 6,000,000, a difference of 127 times between the highest and lowest. In the Premier League, the difference is 21-fold. Most of the Spanish team players on the lack of commercial development assets, after the broadcast of the dividend is also extremely limited, its financial situation would fall into a vicious cycle. It is because of the difficult economic strength and “West super» to compete, lose at the starting point on the Spanish team had to give up in order to survive and strategic choice.

La Liga care for Asian audiences to adjust the time dinner time watching this season

soccer transfer news"! We must find a way to win the Asian market," A week ago, Real Madrid president Florentino says. It now appears that the old Vladimir God's goal is not only in words. The new La Liga season will be kicked off next weekend, yesterday officially announced the first round of La Liga match kick-off time, the first screenings of the game was placed in the local time 12:00, which is 18:00 conduct, Chinese fans do not stay up late can also be seen La Liga up. Cater to the Asian time in order to increase broadcast revenue Liga coveted in Asian markets is not a thing of one or two years from the start of last season, La Liga in order to allow Asian fans to watch La Liga in prime time and efforts. In the months before the Spanish media have predicted that the new La Liga season will be broadcast in order to take care of the Asian market and adjust the time, the first games of the match will be arranged at local time 12:00 conduct. Spain and China because of the time difference of six hours currently, Chinese fans so I can watch La Liga in the evening prime time. In addition, competition in the local afternoon 16:00 (22:00) kickoff. Change the kick-off time is entirely in order to increase television revenue to ease the Spanish economic crisis. Even the Super Liga giants Barcelona this also lose money in the new season, 20 teams have six in bankruptcy protection, it will also be considered professional league La Liga conform to the trend. According to Spanish media reports, this year's La Liga League broadcast rights can be obtained in terms of 600 million euros 80 million revenue, a lot higher than expected. However, Real Madrid and Barcelona this easily have tens of thousands of fans to the scene of a big club but it is not affected by Union mercy reluctant to change the home game was held in the afternoon. Shouted suited to fans after the game when the players complained of time determined by the news, immediately caused an uproar in Spain, many fans have strong protests in online forums, and the Spanish media have stoked. «Marca», said:. «This is entirely a timetable for the poor in Asia in the first game of Mallorca fans have to endure the midday summer heat of Madrid, to the stadium to watch the game and all this is to Asia. fans? „and in the afternoon 16:00 kickoff of game time is not satisfactory, because it is usually the Spaniards weekend family time, 16:00 many families even just eaten lunch table are not received. Due to the change of time, a lot of the ball club began to worry about whether the city will be affected, because the inappropriate time is likely to reduce the number of fans to watch the battle scene. La Liga representatives also acknowledged that such a timetable sparked “a lot of inconvenience,» but «in order to broadcast, we can adapt.» Yesterday, the Spanish Primera and Segunda Division players union decided to continue the strike, the opening of the 2011 — 2012 season still no period. The new season of the Spanish League and the League was scheduled to open play on the weekend, but due to labor disputes and payroll issues was postponed. Yesterday, representatives of the Spanish club and the players union were urgent consultations, but negotiations continue into a stalemate. Currently, the Spanish second division two league clubs cumulative total of all 50 million euros owed ​​unpaid wages. Since the outcome of the negotiations is still not ideal, the players' union refused to participate in the competition this weekend. The two sides will continue to negotiate. For the first time the start of the new season can not be two rounds of competition, the Spanish Professional Football League has not yet decided to arrange a time or this is otherwise canceled, or adjust the entire season schedule. Spanish players union and the Spanish professional league football again in Monday's negotiations did not reach an agreement, the players union representative said the two leagues La Liga and second division players will go on strike this weekend's second round of the league. At the end of the negotiations yesterday, the Spanish players union (AFE) spokesman Ruiz — Gill said: «The players will continue to the second round of this season's strike.» Spain's professional league and the players union representatives recently have conducted several negotiations, trying to avoid this weekend's league strike, but talks broke down means they can not do so. «The two sides also exist this big gap, but we must continue to work.» Jill so concluded. Professional Football League (LFP) Vice-Catalan, said: «I ​​think the negotiations have been some positive progress .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news..» But he did not mention any details. The two sides will continue negotiations today. If you still can not properly start of the second round, and that can only be started in the next La Liga next weekend, because next weekend will be the national team match day. Spanish professional league is not shut down before the two leagues on how to arrange a statement.

La Liga Sevilla Lianban three goals but conceded Away 33 La whistle

soccer news ukNews January 30 morning, 201,011 first 21 La Liga season kicks off, in addition to 30 victory over Hull Gus Barcelona away outside the home and Deportivo Sevilla staged a thrilling scoring battle, Sevilla even pull in 02 cases behind three balls, but unfortunately conceded before the whistle, final and La labeled 33 level. Other matches, Mallorca home 04 defeat to Sporting Gijon, Malaga 12 home loss to Zaragoza, Levante 20 home win over Getafe, Real Sociedad home to 20 win over Almería. 33 Sevilla Deportivo Deportivo took the lead 14 minutes break, the left Prasad frontcourt suddenly long-range kicker, the ball tag through the door right corner, the score becomes 10. The first 58 minutes of Seville suffered another blow, the goalkeeper Palop handball outside the area, was a direct red card penalty, substitute goalkeeper Balas played replaced Capel. La seize the opportunity to expand the score after four minutes, Prasad restricted the right of Adrian crosses the ball after the point easily pushed into the empty net, 20. But one less person in Seville but thereafter launched counterattack, one minute after the melee Sevilla Deportivo's rescue mistakes using the ball to the left side of the penalty area, the ball Negredo left foot the ball into the near corner, twenty one. The first 74 minutes to tie the game in Seville, Fabiano free kick great shot, goalkeeper Alan Su Biya net smash sell, Escude Chan She fell to the ground close to break 22. The first 79 minutes of Seville magical go-ahead score, Djoko stretch pass, the left side of the penalty area after Negredo chest, stopping at a small angle guard attack left foot shot the ball into the far corner, 23. Seeing La to be overturned, the team in the 89th minute to tie the game, pick Huka restricted area before the ball reached the right side of the penalty area, Laure small-angle shot, the ball hit the goalkeeper body shells into the near corner, the final score locked at 33 .Besides, when talking about Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news… Sporting Gijon Mallorca 04 opening just three minutes, Sporting Gijon away fighting on the lead, after the transfer roller to the right under the bottom, and Diego Castro headed home easily after point 01. The first 61 minutes Gijon expand the score, Diego Castro clever ball to the left side of the penalty area under the bottom of Canela, whose pass was blocked in front of Mallorca defender Kevin into his own door, 02. The first 67 minutes Gijon gain another victory, Zhisai midfielder Diego Castro, Andre Castro closed the left rear plug the far corner to break the keeper Tui, 03. The first 86 minutes, Andre Castro pass the ball on the left front, Nacho offside broke into the restricted area, he used the opportunity to single-handedly broke Tui, the final score locked at 04, achieved victory over Sporting Gijon. Malaga 12 Zaragoza first 16 minutes, the left Mudilijia Malaga ball into the box, Duda broke his right foot volley Dianshe, 10. Zaragoza equalized in the 39th minute, a free kick near the bottom line than the left into the box plus, in the case of Bell Toro after the point of unmarked header, 11. The first 86 minutes, Zaragoza staged lore complete reversal, Pongolle right before the games after the ball broke into the restricted area, go past a defender of his right foot, then left foot Tui far corner to break. Levante 20 Hertha Philae Aventis in the first 47 minutes to break the deadlock, Hu Unruh pass on the left before the games, the first closed-point multi-headed minor Yiceng jam, close-range shot after stopping point Bardo chest succeeded, 10. The first 54 minutes to expand the score Levante left Hu Unruh cross back behind the front court, jams and more broke into the restricted area on the left, under the guard of the attack, in the face of attack goalkeeper lob to break 20. The first 78 minutes, Getafe striker Manu direct red card for protesting the referee penalty, while Levante's Xisco Nadal bench is also a direct red card penalty. Real Sociedad 20 Almería Real Sociedad took the lead in the first 44 minutes, Tamudo left the restricted area after the ball reached the point, AMSOIL tigui leaping header, 10. The first 79 minutes of the Royal Society gain another victory to seal the victory, Alan Kirsten much right before the games kick into the box, AMSOIL tigui ferry headed after the point, Tamudo goalkeeper outflank shot succeeded, 20.

La Liga Serie A strike trend intensified refused IOUs do not Overlord contract

soccer news ukthe unresolved crisis in the league lockout when the timely start of the Serie A has become difficult to predict the. August 23 morning, «Gazzetta dello Sport,» revealed the new La Liga season shut down after the crisis, Serie A strike controversy is heating up. Both La Liga or Serie A, either Alliance or its two major league players union tit for tat, the focus of their dispute problem is that the players owed ​​wages could fill, the club can repeal provisions of the King can kick! Not to continue the strike Liga: refuse to accept IOUs, money does not get to play! The strike of the participants collective La Liga La Liga, second division club nearly 40 100 players, which also includes C Ronaldo, Messi and other big stars. This time the strike is the case for some small club of long-outstanding player wages, the players want to be able to safeguard the interests by forcing to sign a new collective bargaining agreement. In response, the Spanish players union and the Spanish Football League career talks yesterday, the Spanish Football Federation and the Sports Ministry has promised the players union will receive 52 million euros to help the teams to pay wages owed large sums of money from sports betting prize pool to allocate special funds and West gains from the Western Football Association super Cup broadcast. But the union refused to accept the «white», players must return to work to get the cash wages in arrears and then, otherwise, will face a second round of La Liga strike again. Serie A: Reject the old terms of the new contract did not kick! See the success of La Liga players union strike, Serie A players union more emboldened, even if no new contract to come up with one kind of determined not to play the momentum! The strike will also directly affect the Serie A this weekend whether the normal start. The reason is very simple Serie A strike, the club's «King terms» restricted free agent, in addition, in the framework of the agreement Serie A league canceled the floating wages proportion of the total salary cap, injured players have no right to choose their own doctors, and even Club players for disciplinary punishment without going through the sports arbitration judge. These players have violated their own interests, no wonder Serie A players union representatives strongly shouted slogans: "! Reject the old terms of the new contract did not kick" when La Liga shut down when the crisis unresolved, the timely start of the new Serie A season this weekend have changed too difficult to predict. Italian Players Association yesterday threatened that if the players and clubs can not agree on a new labor contract, will be launched in the first round of Serie strike. Chairman of the Players Association, former Italian international Tommasi said yesterday: «If we do not sign a new labor contract, the first round of the league will be postponed.» Again yesterday in Milan Players Association negotiations with the club representatives have no As a result, Tommasi said:. «only new contract signed this week, Saturday and Sunday's game will be otherwise, we can only stay at home, the» first round of La Liga last weekend due to dissatisfaction with club players Wages The launch has been postponed strike this weekend, the second round is still difficult to predict whether the schedule. Serie now also facing lockout, which reflects the growing strength of the players, you can order your own rights and club rival. Original labor contract with the Serie A club's players expires in June last year. Since then, the players and the club will be contradictions, Players Association last December called for strike twice, but both parties reached a verbal agreement at the last moment, the strike ultimately avoided. Just a verbal agreement has not translated into text. Tommasi said: «This situation has been a year, and we have not called the strike threat we also hope the league a smooth start, but we asked to sign a new labor contract .Besides, when talking about Premier League England world cup kit 2014 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: ,many fans love the jersey. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news..» Tommasi previously said, has 90% of the Serie A players expressed support for the action the players association. Currently, the Serie employers and employees give up the right players is the most controversial of the new contract for the club. Players Association requirements: they are not forced to join the club can not train with the team, not to force them to accept the transfer agreement. The club requires flexibility disposal. For Serie facing suspension, the Italian Football Association Xiebeite said: «Italy is now caught in crises What this contradiction with the club's player count.?» Serie A club will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss countermeasures. In fact, both La Liga and Serie A encounter strike crisis, are associated with the decline in the world economy is increasingly relevant. Currently a number of La Liga and second division clubs owed ​​a total of more than 200 players 50 million euros (about $ 72 million) salary, which became the direct fuse La Liga and second division shut down. The Serie A although not as massive as the La Liga and Segunda Wages, however, the Italian authorities recently launched plans to raise taxes to increase revenue, the players can be described as vulnerable. Last week, the Cabinet of Ministers of Italy Calder Raleigh even said to the players should receive a double tax. The actual income tax increase so that the players drop their discontent turned to labor contract.